Wallaby Creek Astronomy Tours

NightSkySecrets will be conducting astronomy tours  at Wallaby Creek Festival on the 28th & 29th of September 2012. The festival is near Rossville about 40km south of Cooktown.

I have been conducting Astronomy tours across Northern Australia for the past 10 years including the past 5 at the renowned Garma Festival of indigenous Culture in Arnhem Land NT.

Garma 2010 – Credit: Lachlan MacDonald – 3RF


The tours at Wallaby Creek from 8pm on Friday & Saturday nights will be a blend of Aboriginal Creations stories written in the stars, some not quite as Ancient Greek tales, of hero’s & Gods, blended with the science of astronomy, and some celestial navigation.

There will be 2 telescopes available, a wide field “PortHole to Space” telescope & a higher powered 250mm reflecting telescope to take in the finer details of glorious Galaxies, wispy Nebulas,  stunning Star clusters & more. 


NightSkySecrets will have a stall by day at the festival, with all the basics you need to get started in discovering the delights of the night sky. There will also be safe solar observing by day with the focus now turning to the upcoming total Solar eclipse of  November 14th.

If you love live music, art, performance and getting back to nature, come along to Wallaby Creek 2012. 

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