Night Sky Secrets Pty Ltd is also the manufacturer and creator of the Original Toadbusters Toadtrap. This the story of the Toad Trap, why you might need one, how to install it & Where you can get one.


The “Toadbusters” Toad Trap is the original Toad Trap, first developed and built in Far North Queensland (the home of the Cane Toad) in the early 1990’s by inventor John Maclean & further developed by myself Ian Maclean, since that time. The trap continues to be locally manufactured from 90% Australian made materials.


The “Toadbusters” Toad Trap is effective when installed in areas where toads congregate (around ponds, against walls or fences, around rockeries, etc) The installation of a solar Garden light adjacent to the trap will greatly increase the effectiveness of the trap by attracting night flying insects to the trap, where the toads will come to prey on them.

The Problem with Cane Toads (Bufo Marinus)

The introduced cane toad has spread from its original release location in Gordonvale (just south of Cairns) down into NSW, the NT and is now moving across into WA. The toad out competes native species for food and habitat. Is poisonous to nearly all animals that eat it at all stages of its life cycle (even when dead). With many of our native frogs in decline and at risk, now is the time to reduce toad numbers.


  1. Select a location as described above under “effectiveness”, taking care to select a location where the trap will not be accidentally stepped on or damaged while mowing.
  2. Dig a hole to the depth of the bottom section of the trap, insert this section in the hole & backfill around the hole.
  3. Place the top section of the trap in the bottom section of the trap, after first having placed a plastic bag around the bottom of the top section (used shopping bags are ideal). The photo  below, shows the installed trap in a garden bed.
  4. Installed Toadbusters Trap
  5. 5. Preferably put a solar light next to the trap to attract more insects to the trap. Under an outside light or bug zapper is even better if this light is in a suitable location.

6. Check your trap every couple of days. Lift the top section of the trap (including the plastic bag), pull the bag off, tie a knot around the top & double bag & tie again.

7. It is recommended that the most humane way to dispose of the toads is to place in the freezer (once double bagged) and dispose of on rubbish collection day.

8. Reline the trap with a new bag & it is reset, ready for your next catch.



Purchasing your ToadTrap

ToadBuster toadtraps can be purchased from the following distributors:

Far North Qld: Enviromart , on the corner of Aumuller & Spence st right here in Cairns.

You can also buy direct from us below, including postage:

$39.50 + Inc Postage Aust Wide.