The Lyrids Meteor Shower Report

Well I made the effort and got up at 4am on the morning of Sunday the 22nd of April 2012 for a look at the Lyrid Meteor shower. Easy to here in the top end of the NT as the mornings are barely even cool.

In an observing session that went for an hour from 4:15 to 5:15 am I saw 5 bright Lyrids and an equal number of bright sporadics (or perhaps another shower?) as they all moved from east to west and noticeably faster than the Lyrids.

Well worth the effort despite the low numbers.

A little further reading has alerted me to the Pi-pupids which peak on the 23rd (tonight) and continue till the 27th April. The Pi Pupids have low rates of just several per hour but are noted for the high numbers of yellow meteors and persistent “Trains”  (lingering smoke trails)

I hope you were able to see the Lyrids and I look forward to your comments.

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