Mars – Siding Springs Comet – A Close Call

Oh… to be on Mars this weekend (October 19th 18:30 UT) Thats about 4 am in the morning on Monday the 20th for us in Australia (Mars not Visible at closest to the comet in Australia) 

This is being billed as a once in a million years event and this is probably true.

While Comet  Siding springs is faint from our perspective, as it approaches Mars. It will be a spectacular sight from the fleet of Mars probes and rovers. It will not only give us delightful pictures, but will give a once off opportunity to study a first time Oort cloud comet up close. From our perspective in Australia we are about 10hrs ahead of the point of closest approach, when Mars is still visible in our western Sky. Remember, the comet is very faint (Mag11) and Mars very bright, so you will not see it with the naked eye. You may like to give it a go if you have a  medium to large Aperture (6″ and above) telescope though with the comet approaching Mars.

Check out NASA’s Mars-Comet page on this comet for all the info & I expect the follow up photos.

As we wait for this historic Comet to make its very close approach to Mars, we get an idea of what is to come on Mars with this fantastic Photo .

I eagerly await the pictures from NASA, ESA & others on this never before seen close approach of a comet to almost everyone’s favourite planet Mars.

On approach to Mars  Photo by CometCatcher (Kevin)

On approach to Mars
Photo by CometCatcher (Kevin)


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