Geminids Meteor Shower

The best of the Geminids is almost upon us, peaking as it does this Saturday morning the 14th Dec.
As luck would have it (touch Wood) skies are clear up here in Gove NT.
I have attached a chart showing the moon heading below the horizon around 3:30 am, so a good clear hour to observe up here at least.

Moonset on the Morning of the 14th Dec

Moonset on the Morning of the 14th Dec

Update 14/12/13:

This mornings Geminids peak was spectacular
from 3:30am to 4:50am we saw 101 Geminids.
Along with 2 other members of Gove Astronomers at a dark site on the beach with a good clear N – NW horizon.
When the Geminids apeared they were, as is often the case with meteor showers, in batchs. That is to say there were often  3 or 4 meteors headed in different directions, in a 10 second or so timeframe.
There were 2 bright fireballs, with one so bright behind us that it lit the ground momentarily …. WOW !
The number seen, despite the scattered sea cu’s drifting over, worked out at a rate of 75/ hr.
This is easily the best meteor shower of the year & luckily the early start to the wet in November has faded away for now.

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