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Kson KDB640102 – 102mm Tabletop Dobsonian

Model KDB640102
Objective Lens 102mm aperture, 640mm focal length f/6.3, precision mirror with diffraction limited resolution, higher reflectivity coating.
Tube Rolled Zinc-plated  steel. with Pearlised White finish
Mirror Cell stability treated die-cast Aluminum. provides better and more stable allgnment.
Mounting System Dobsonian style mount with Shiny Black finish
Focuser 1.25″ focuser with Helical Rack & Pinion
Eyepieces 1.25″ F20mm and F12.5mm
Barlow 3x Barlow
Finder Elevated Red Dot Finder with two-position brightness control.
Packaging Size 53x38x38cm
Other Specifications
    Type          Resolution(Dawes)          Limiting Magnitude          Max Power          Lightgathering power          Weight
    Reflector                1.14″                              12.1                          200x                             212                          6Kgs

Kson KDB1300160 – 160mm  Dobsonian Reflector

Model: KDB1300160            
OTA(primary mirror)
Aperture: 160mm
Focal length: 1300mm – f/8.1

Precision mirror with diffraction limited resolution. High reflectivity coating

Mounting system Dobsonian style mount with pearlised white finish    
Mirror cell Stability treated die-cast aluminium providing improved and stable alignment
2″ metal focuser with 2″ – 1.25″adaptor and Helical Rack & pinion movement
Eyepieces 1.25″KF 25mm and Plössl10mm        
Barlow 1.8x achromatic Barlow          
Finder Red Dot Finder with 30mm clear window and adjustable brightness control
Mirror cell stability treated die-cast aluminum provides better and more stable alignment
Packaging Size 115x55x37.5cm            
net weight 24kgs              
gross weight 26kgs              

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