Transit of Venus -Wednesday 6th June 2012 (AEST)

Venus will transit the face of the Sun in a rare transit that comes  approximately every 112 years in a pair of transits 8 years apart.

In Eastern Australia the transit begins at 08:09am AEST and finishes at 14:49pm. Nightskysecrets will be conducting transit viewings in Nhulunbuy NT.

***(Update)***Nhulunbuy Viewing Times:

Hindle Oval #1: 7am to 9am

School Viewings: 9am to 12 Noon

Walkabout Lodge Poolside: 12 Noon to 2:30pm


The following U-tube video from NASA explains the historical & scientific significance of the event.

The Venus Transit can only be seen with Safe solar viewing methods, such as a full aperture solar filtered telescope, pinhole projection or eclipse glasses such as those available here on NightSkySecrets.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome for Eclipse Glasses, and come package individually in a Retail Display box.

To pick up where the other clip left off, the awfully clever folks from NASA go on to explain the measurements made in the 2nd of the last pair of transits.

 I would love to hear your comments on the experiences you had of the last transit back in 2004 & what your plans are for this transit?

2 Responses to “Transit of Venus – 6thJune2012”

  • Paddy de Klerk:

    Greetings Ian , Short of following the Hunza diet of apricot kernels as a major part of my diet I ,we , wont be around for the next one . So along with a few buddies we`re heading up to Canoelands ,1.5 hours north of Sydney for the event.A cpc 9.25 with a solar filter will be my appliance. A cloudless sky is pretty much all that is called for. Hopefully similar conditions apply for yourself Ian .Cheers Paddy .

    • IanMac:

      Sounds great Paddy. I will be using an Astroscan with a a filter & a projecting solar scope. I expect to be showing hundreds of kids the event here in Nhulunbuy NT. I Hope you get a cloud free sky too.