A Meteor Shower or 3 !

Meteor Showers

The main meteor shower this month is the Delta Aquarids peaking on the 28th/29th with up to 15 meteors/ hr for that shower, however it is also joined by another shower close by with the Capricornids  adding another 5/hr. Just below these well known constellations is lesser known Piscis Austraids adding a further 5 meteors an hour.

Capricornius is is well up in the eastern sky by 9:30 pm with Aquarius just below. Best viewing time is around midnight when they are higher in the sky. I had a sneek preview tonight (27th July) and saw a couple of bright meteors over 15minutes. These were likely Capricornids as they were quite bright and easy to see in my location with clear skies, but with bright lights in the vicinity. So if you can brave the cool night air you may just get a few nights of meteors worth checking out. Each shower displays slightly different meteor colors and speeds. See if you can spot the difference in their speed, color, radiant point and brightness !

Update: 28/7/14

With clear skies tonight it was a good time to head out and check out the promised meteor showers. The viewing session began with a couple of bright Aquarids, well away from the center of the radiant. most however were faint and fast, distinguishing them from other members of this meteor shower cluster. A bit of patience was rewarded with a spectacular meteor lasting aprox 3 to 4 seconds traveling much slower than the aquariads & was I suspects a Piscis Austraid and was noticeably yellow in colour. Just to finish of the session after about an hour of viewing I was rewarded with a bright Capricornid, falling straight down from Alpha Capricorius. All up approx 15 meteors for the hour. I am sure their were more, but my field of view was limited by my need to shield from bright lights in the area.

I look forward to tomorrow night and what that might bring !

Update: 30/7/14

A quick look for 1/2 an hr this morning in the western sky, revealed 7 meteors.  5 were clearly Delta Aquarids, one was a bright and slow Piscis Austraid  and another a bright sporadic. All in all this has been a great meteor shower with such a diversity of meteor streams, each showing their different character.

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