The Night Skies Hold Amazing Secrets !

An Early Morning Planetary Conjunction from Gove NT.

Astronomy is our passion & we want to share that passion and knowledge gained with over 30 years experience, observing, researching  & 1000’s of hours out under the night sky with you, to help get the most out of your astronomy experience.

When is the last time that you just looked up at the night skies and wondered about the stars, constellations, planets and nebulae, the amazing beauty that exists above you every single night? Have you ever considered amateur astronomy as a hobby? As a passion? OK …so you just want to “cut to the chase” and subscribe to our newsletter, enter your first name & email and hit the subscribe button below:

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Now you can experience the exact same delight of discovery that leading astronomers around the world have every weekend.   Discover amateur astronomy and be confidently navigating the night sky, identifying Planets, detailed Lunar features, Galaxies, Nebulas and stunning Star Clusters within 30 days. And you can learn astronomy and start viewing the night skies with tools that are so simply and so easy that they cost less money than taking your family out for a pizza dinner. You can learn astronomy without doing an in-depth course or needing any deep scientific or mathematical knowledge. If you can read a street map, you can learn astronomy and discover the delights of a brilliant star filled night sky and know with confidence what you are looking at, then share this easily with family and friends. With a tiny financial outlay, not the thousands you expect you will be viewing the stars and marveling at the constellations. You can do it all with a quality telescope that did not cost the earth.

Ian Maclean – Founder of Night Sky Secrets says:

Its true ! You can experience the delights of the night sky the Fun and Easy way. Be stunned by the colors and clarity of bright star clusters, the misty and mysterious Nebula’s and massive galaxies, whose light started traveling to us when the Dinosaurs roamed the earth … and loads more cool stuff.

Moon image taken with a very basic Digital Camera (non-SLR)

Fact: Astronomy used to be an expensive hobby. If you wanted more than just a barely visible image, wanted to see things clearly,  it cost a lot. That, fortunately is no longer true. You can learn astronomy and view the secrets of the night sky today for a lot less than you think. Astronomy does not have to be expensive. There have been dramatic changes for the better in the past 10 years. “How can I do that” ? ….is quite likely your first question. Your first step is to subscribe to the NightSkySecrets Newsletter below:

What will you get ?

      • The simple yet highly effective skills required to find your place under the night skies. You can learn more about astronomy. Learn to view the stars, find the constellations, find out  what can you expect to see, from where ever you live in the world.

Discover how to quickly recognize the planets & watch their steady movement across the night sky.

      • Little known secrets on how to improve the effectiveness of your night vision to get the most from your viewing time.
      • Easy access to the simple tools that reveal to you, the 88 classical constellations and discover how they in turn lead us to find Planets, Galaxies, Nebulas, sparkling star clusters and more !
      • How to avoid the pitfalls and frustration many people experience in buying their first telescope …. Your experience will be quite different, an uplifting and exhilarating discovery of the ancient and fascinating night sky.
      • The realization of just how easy, how much fun it is and how good you will feel when you easily and confidently share your new found knowledge with friends, family and beyond.


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Why would a experienced astronomer give away these secrets?

Ian is passionate about amateur astronomy and has shown people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels the delights of the night sky. Now it’s your turn. Ian wants you to share the joys of the night skies. Get started in astronomy and discover the night sky the fun and easy way. Subscribe to our newsletter below and if it’s interesting and in the night (or daytime ) sky, NightSkySecrets will let you know about it.

The astronomy articles, podcast interviews, blog pages, reports and presentations which have been written or developed  by Ian  Maclean are seen every day by 1000’s of people around the world. He wants you and your family to be able to share the beauty of the night skies too. To accomplish that you will need to have access to all of the tools that will help you to learn astronomy.   You will have access to the best  astronomy Books,  Star Charts, and telescopes and quality astronomy products available. The best way Ian  knows to find a new customer is to prove to people just like you … that he will give away way more that you expect, and demonstrate at the same time that he does indeed know what he’s talking about when it comes to the best and cheapest way to enjoy astronomy. These are ideas that can truly level the playing field and let you see many of the things that professional astronomers can see and do, with a fraction of the outlay. This truly levels the playing field for the “New Astronomer” Ian Maclean Comments: “I’m extremely proud of what my subscribers have been able to accomplish in such a short time. And helping well over 400+ newcomers break free and finally have the answers to discovering the secrets of night sky is very rewarding to me personally” That is the most important element of all of my Articles, Podcasts and High Quality easy to use products. Just as  you’ve already seen above, these ideas are so simple anyone can use them to learn astronomy and discover the night sky the fun and easy way in record time.” This astronomy knowledge and these tools will truly give you the ability to walk out under the night sky and be able to not only master the navigation of the celestial sphere yourself, but to be able to easily and confidently share the thrill of discovery with your friends and family. Subscribe below at no cost, you wont be bomarded with endless emails. You will only hear from NightSkySecrets if something interesting is happening, out there !